A scammer is someone that participates in a fraudulent scheme.

What Is a Scammer?

A scammer is a person who ends up committing or participating within a scheme that is fraudulent. In other words, this is someone who makes money through the use of illegal methods, where this is done by tricking people into giving out information they would never be asked to give out through legitimate means. 

In the world of cryptocurrencies, this might be a DeFi project you might invest in, which could prove to be illegitimate or fake. Another example of this would be someone who requests access to your cryptocurrency wallet’s private key, promising that they will provide you with cryptocurrency, and then not doing so.

Within the world of cryptocurrencies, there are four main ways through which you can be scammed that you need to worry about.

First is impostor websites, where, even if the website looks legitimate and identical to the real one, you could be directed to another platform for payment. When you click on a link that looks like a legitimate website, but hackers, for whatever reason, have created a fake URL with a zero instead of the letter “O” in it, for example, you could be visiting a malicious website that could potentially steal your information and in turn, scam you.

Then, you have fake smartphone apps, where the apps themselves are rigged with malicious code that can steal your data, and these are most commonly found when downloading something from a third-party website instead of an official app store.

There are also social media updates that could be illegitimate, where profiles could get compromised, and fake data or fake news could be shared. And last but not least, you have one of the most common types of scams that has withstood the test of time, and these are fake emails. Have you ever read in an email that you are the great descendant of a prince from so

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